2020 BioBlitz

Hello! We hope you’ll join us for a 24-Hour BioBlitz at Pine Valley Park.

Welcome to our Park:

Pine Valley is an 80 acre park owned by the Town of Manchester. Though relatively small in area, this Northern Carroll County park boasts a large variety of microhabitats including:

  • mixed hardwood and pine forests
  • meadows
  • large and small streams
  • a pond
  • natural springs and seepage zones
  • mowed fields

This is our second-ever BioBlitz; we need you to share your expertise and help us catalog our flora and fauna!

BioBlitz Details:

  • The event begins Saturday, April 18th at 5:00 pm and continues until 5:00 pm Sunday, April 19th
  • We will be hosting a public BioBlitz on Sunday, April 19th from 2-5 pm to wrap up the event and engage the community.
  • Tent camping and other accommodations available for those specialists who require an overnight stay.
  • Meals provided for all participating experts!

We require all participants to register. This allows us to plan accordingly and communicate relevant and timely event information to be sure we are all prepared for a successful BioBlitz. You can find the link to register below.

Charlotte’s Quest looks forward to a successful BioBlitz. Please contact Vicky Crouthamel at volunteer@charlottesquest.org with any questions.

Thank you!

Nature Valentine Workshop

Join us at the nature center Sunday, Feb 9th for a free workshop to create natural and nature-themed Valentine crafts.


Bring only your creativity.


Enjoy strawberry milk or hot chocolate and a snack as you craft! 

Fall Fridays

Join us at the Nature Center Friday mornings for self-guided activities!

Thanks to a growing team of volunteers, YOU will have access to the resources within the Nature Center on a weekly basis. Each Friday this Fall, explore a collection of these resources to explore one seasonal topic.

Stay tuned to this event for more information including weekly topic announcements, or stop by the park on Fridays between 10am and 12pm to catch us there!

Our sincere hope is that the growing Charlotte’s Quest community takes advantage of this new opportunity!

Volunteers make this possible. To learn more about our Volunteer Program, or to become a Volunteer, reach out to Vicky at volunteer@charlottesquest.org or join our Friends of Charlotte’s Quest Facebook Group.

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How Volunteering Helps Our Community Thrive

Charlotte’s Quest is so lucky to be situated in the heart of the Town of Manchester. We still have a small-town feel that can be so easily lost in today’s hustle and bustle and urban sprawl. The annual 4th of July parade and carnival is always such a quintessential reminder of the wonderful sense of community that a town like ours can foster. 

We have always been an organization that is of and for the community, almost completely dependent on volunteers to carry out our mission. Some of our Board Members have been dedicating time to Charlotte’s Quest since its inception over 25 years ago. They do it because they love it, but also because they see how this community service positively impacts their town.

Yes, volunteering with Charlotte’s Quest helps keep the nature center up and running, and our organization benefits greatly from these efforts. But the bigger picture is that our community members have hiking trails to explore, programs to learn from, and fun family events to enjoy.  Charlotte’s Quest is certainly not the only game in town – volunteers support our schools, operate the pool, rallied together to build a skate park, and so much more. This town, and so many others, would not be recognizable if you took away everything that has come out of volunteer service.

A community in which residents voluntarily jump in to contribute to the greater good stands to gain so much from the collective efforts of everyone involved. We gain a sense of pride in our neighbors and our hometown, and we teach our younger generations what it means to be part of something larger than ourselves. This is one reason why we are so excited by the ongoing and growing scout involvement at Charlotte’s Quest – not only do they help make the park a more beautiful place, but we get to watch these young community members understand the powerful impact they can make when they choose to dedicate their time to a worthy cause. 

So as we gather this week to celebrate in wonderful, small-town fashion, take a moment to look past the rides and games to the people that surround you. Maybe you don’t recognize them all, but chances are good that many of the folks you see have had a hand in making our town what it is. Let’s all do our part to keep that spirit of community service alive!

Volunteer Potluck Mixer

Join us for a potluck lunch on Sunday, June 30th from 1-3 pm where service-minded people from our community can come together.

Vicky will share our Volunteer Project Wish-list during a short walk around the park so you can find the best way to share your talents and skills! 

All ages, abilities, skills and talents are welcome!


Click the sign up genius link below to join in on the potluck fun.