Please abide by the following rules when visiting

These rules are intended to secure the fullest enjoyment of the facilities for our visitors.

To protect our natural resources:

  1. Remain on designated trails to protect woodland habitat and prevent erosion to vulnerable hillsides. 
  2. Be respectful of all wildlife and habitats.
  3. Trails are reserved for foot traffic only.
  4. Do not litter. Pack it in, pack it out. You can find trash cans near the porta-potty and at each pavilion. 
  5. Picnic in designated picnic areas only.
  6. Camp fires are prohibited without prior permission
  7. Vehicles are restricted to designated roads and parking areas only.
  8. The pond and streams provide habitats to precious wildlife and therefore are not available for boating or swimming.
  9. Practice catch and release fishing only.   

Protect your experience:

  1. Be considerate of others and do not use excessive noise. Fellow park goers usually wish to experience and enjoy the sounds of nature. 
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on park property.
  3. Pets are welcome and must be under owner’s control at all times. Please use bags and trash cans provided to clean up after your pets.
  4. Weapons or firearms, hunting, trapping or endangerment to animals are not permitted on park property.
  5.  Camping or lodging prohibited without prior permission.
  6. Structures, plants, and natural features may not be removed, damaged or defaced.
The commission of offenses under local ordinances or state law shall be cause for arrest.

As stewards of our environment, we protect the watershed and natural resources within our park and hope you will, too. 


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