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    Each season, (Spring, Summer, and Fall) Charlotte’s Quest offers their featured nature program for preschoolers, led by naturalist Holly Fowler. Before heading outside to play games and explore the park on a guided hike, they come together inside the nature center for a short lesson and story, then they create a craft that actively engages learning.

    Children pick an assortment of leaves to use as brushes to ‘paint’ masterpieces. Black and yellow pipe-cleaners curled around their fingers create fuzzy bees who collect pollen when they ‘fly’ between flowers. These are just two examples; each class features a different seasonally and developmentally appropriate craft. These creations extend learning beyond the lesson to the outside world where they encourage children to interact with and experience nature in a variety of ways.

    As good stewards of our environment, we do our best to limit waste and make crafts from reused or donated materials. Thanks to generous donors, we very rarely need to purchase supplies.

    Do you have extra craft supplies at home? Unused yarn, paper plates, pipe cleaner, glue sticks, or colored pencils, etc.? We almost certainly could put these things to use. Leave a comment here if you are interested in making a donation so we can coordinate the best time for you to drop it off. 

    Thank you for your continued support.

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