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Presenting: Open Hours

Charlotte’s Quest Nature Center was brought into existence by volunteers who were dedicated to serving our community.

Today, we serve:

  • local schools and preschools by hosting field trips,
  • the local home-school community and kids younger than school-age with nature education programming by Timbernook,
  • the local scout community by offering our park as a safe meeting place, and
  • volunteer-minded folks by making service opportunities available.

Now we want to expand our reach even further, making it easier to access Charlotte’s Quest even when there are no programs or special events scheduled.

Have you ever wondered “What’s inside that little building?!” We get that a lot.

It has long been a dream of the Manchester Parks Foundation to make the Nature Center available to the public on a regular basis.

For years the Board has grappled with the cost of hiring a staff person, but even after receiving support from the Town of Manchester and loyal members of Charlotte’s Quest, our funds fall short. We have been thus far unable to make that dream a reality.

A recent shift in focus has lead us to realize the answer was in front of us the whole time – VOLUNTEERS!

As of now, we have the Volunteer resources available to open the Nature Center from 10am to 12pm to the public, most Saturdays this Summer. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for more information or stop by the park on Saturdays between 10am and 12pm to catch us there!

Thanks to a growing team of volunteers, when you visit the park, you will also have access to the resources within the Nature Center. Our sincere hope is that the growing Charlotte’s Quest community takes advantage of this new opportunity!

Kids love to explore the many textures of the natural items we have collected in the Touch-Table, play with puppets and models, and see the animals in the display. Adults can even learn something new as they peruse our bookshelf of nature knowledge (P.S. The Touch-Table is fun for everyone!) .

Back to Basics

To tackle this obstacle, we reached back into our volunteer-heavy history, and pulled out a somewhat weathered idea…

Some of you loyal members may remember that years ago, the Nature Center was open for a few hours each Saturday afternoon. A handful of board members volunteered to open the Nature Center and greet visitors. As Board members were inevitably pulled in too many different directions, both related to CQ and their personal lives, these open hours took a necessary back seat and eventually became a thing of the past.

We are attempting to revive this idea by reaching out – to begin with – to dedicated members of our Board. It is important to the long-term sustainability of open hours, however, that we expand our reach beyond the eight Board members to other volunteer-minded members of the Charlotte’s Quest community. If you appreciate our efforts and think that volunteering for open hours might be right for you, please let us know!

To learn more about or join our Volunteer Team, please contact or complete this survey. Your participation in any Charlotte’s Quest initiative supports environmental education in your community.